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Vishal Vaidyanathan graduated from Stanford University in 2007 with a Ph.D. in Computational Chemistry and an M.S. in Financial Mathematics. He developed the first Folding@Home client that used GPUs to accelerate biomolecular simulations by 50 times over what was previously possible. From 2007-2009 Vishal worked at Goldman Sachs developing the first fully automated high frequency trading solution for the US Treasury desk in New York. Subsequently as co-founder of a startup in Silicon Valley, he developed low-latency trading systems and HFT strategies for futures contracts. Vishal joined Royal Caliber as a partner in 2012. In 2015, he co-founded Onu Technology Inc., a startup focused on artificial intelligence, where he was Chief Technology Officer until Feb 2017.

Erich Elsen is the founder and a former Partner of Royal Caliber. Erich received his Ph.D. from Stanford University in 2009. His thesis developed novel parallel algorithms for running fluid dynamics and molecular dynamics computations on two types of then newly released commodity parallel processors: Sony's Cell and GPUs from NVIDIA. He has been invited back to Stanford as a consulting associate professor to teach a course on parallel algorithms, OpenMP, MPI and CUDA each Spring Quarter since 2012. Erich is now part of Google Brain.

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Selected Talks And Publications

NVIDIA GTC 2015 Talk on web-based delivery of GPU-accelerated algorithms.

NVIDIA GTC 2014 Talk on VertexAPI2, an API for rapid development of large-graph analytics on the GPU.

NVIDIA GTC 2013 Talk on the use of advanced techniques for a highly optimized Smith-Waterman kernel for Kepler-class GPUs.

J. Comp. Chem. (2009) - Molecular Dynamics on GPUs