Royal Caliber Advanced Technical Computing Services

Scientific and Technical Computing

We have extensive experience in Machine Learning, AI/Machine Vision, Modeling and Simulation, Audio and Image processing and other areas of technical computing. If you need custom mathematical solutions or algorithms for your product, give us a call!

High Performance Computing and GPU Computing

Carefully crafted parallel code can run orders-of-magnitude faster than simple serial implementations. Royal Caliber can lend its expertise in HPC to help you maximize performance while you continue to focus on algorithmic innovation. Our key services include:

development for GPUs using CUDA or OpenCL

algorithm parallelization for multi-core, many-core and multi-node scaling

algorithmic analysis and optimization to eliminate performance bottlenecks.

We have experience working with both server class hardware as well as high-end mobile hardware.

Our Track Record

We have developed highly optimized solutions for leading companies such as Samsung, NVIDIA, Applied Materials, Life Technologies, Shazam and Aptina in a wide array of application domains including:

large-graph analytics

audio recognition

image and video processing

gene sequencing

computational chemistry and medicine

fluid simulation

semi-conductor manufacturing

electronic design automation

With the help of multiple DARPA Phase-II small business awards, we have developed the Pluros platform that greatly simplifies high performance computing for non-expert users.

We are always on the lookout for new challenges -- give us a call!

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